Guess The Theme CONTEST!

Just a month from now, hundreds of us will gather in Surrey for the 19th annual Surrey International Writers' Conference. We have SO much fun stuff planned. Will you be there?

As always, our Saturday night banquet will be your chance to enjoy whatever kind of evening you like best. Will you stick with your conference casual duds? Maybe pull on a skirt or a button-down shirt? Or will you join the brave, the outgoing, the outlandish and wear a costume that goes along with our theme night? It's up to you! We just know some of you have been waiting for a chance to pull one of your favourite costumes out of the closet or for an excuse to make a visit to youf favourite thrift store to put a new costume together. But first, you must identify our theme.

We are subtle in our clues, I'll tell you that much. But I'll also tell you that every single thing you need to know to solve the theme mystery is hidden right here on our site in plain, well, sight. For now, the clues aren't easy to see, but I promise you they're there. This is stage one. If someone guesses successfully before Monday, they'll get a book prize containing not one, not two, but three most excellent books that'll be waiting for you at the conference. If no one figures it out, we'll crank up the visibility of the clues. But we know you'd rather solve the cryptic mystery, yes?

Have a wander around our site, looking for things that don't seem quite the same as everything else, and put it all together to make your guess. Email your guesses to me at kathychung at siwc dot ca. I'll announce the winner, and the winning entry, here, as soon as we have one!

Good luck! And have fun.