Wednesday Welcome

Hello, dear readers!

Feel like meeting a couple more presenters?

A warm, SiWC welcome on this Wednesday to editor extraordinaire Claire Eddy and multi-talented journalist/writer/broadcaster Bruce Dowbiggin.

Bruce Dowbiggin's career has included successful stints in television, radio and print. A two-time winner of the Gemini Award as Canada's top television sports broadcaster for his work with CBC-TV, he is also a best-selling author and respected journalist.

His extensive experience as a broadcaster has included work with CBC Radio, CBC-TV, CBC Newsworld, where he anchored the coverage of the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics, and more. His ground-breaking investigations into the life and times of Alan Eagleson led to his selection as the winner of the Gemini for Canada's top sportscaster in 1993 and again in 1996. This work earned him the reputation as one of Canada's top investigative journalists in any field. As well, he has hosted or contributed to a wide range of radio programs including "As it Happens", "Sunday Morning" on CBC Radio and Calgary Flames broadcasts in Calgary.

He joined the Calgary Herald in November 1998 as the Featured Sports Columnist. Since then, he has been a frequent contributor to CBC TV,CBC Radio, TV Ontario and other outlets. He was also the co-host of "The Things We Do For Love", a lifestyles documentary program on the Life Channel. A documentary film version of his book “The Stick” was produced in 2004.

Bruce’s writing career is varied and eclectic. He is the author of the book The Defense Never Rests for Harper Collins, an investigation of the NHL Pension Fund Scandal (1993). His next books were the bestsellers: Of Ice and Men (1998) and The Stick (2001), both published by MacFarlane, Walter and Ross. Money Players (2003) (finalist for the 2004 National Business Book Award) and The Meaning of Puck (2008) were both published by Key Porter books. He has also been a book reviewer for the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail, has been published in newspapers, and magazines ranging from Macleans to Toronto Life to ElmStreet. In addition, he's written plays and has had his poetry and prose included in several literary collections in Canada.

An avid gardener, golfer and wine collector, Bruce often writes and broadcasts about his pastimes. Born and raised in Montreal, he now lives in Calgary with his wife and three children. He is currently trying to reduce his golf handicap and master the art of Prairie gardening.

Welcome, Bruce!


 Claire Eddy has is a senior editor at Tor/Forge Books and has been with the company for 25 years. In a lovely twist, Claire sent us a personal bio in her own words. Enjoy!

I started out editing science fiction and fantasy early in my career and have had the pleasure of working with such authors as Orson Scott Card, Gordon R. Dickson, Fred Saberhagen, and Jack Vance.   I have also been fortunate enough to be work with such writers as Jacqueline Carey, Sara Douglass and Juliet Marillier.  While I still edit these genres I have been able to indulge in some of my other passions and have over the years broadened my projects to include historicals, thrillers...and mysteries, a guilty thrill for a life-long addict to the field.  On the mystery side, I have worked with Stuart Kaminsky, Carole Nelson Douglas, and Sharan Newman.

They say that those who can't do teach and as a youngster, I envisioned myself getting my advanced degrees in medieval history and teaching generations of students and toiling away in the stuffy background of academia as one of those nameless handmaidens of History.  I have found instead that I've spent the better part of my adult life working with authors to (hopefully) make their stories and dreams to be the best that they can be, becoming that "third eye" and nudge to accomplish this feat.  Someone who gives encouragement when I can, instruction when possible and, again, hopefully contributing in some small way to sharing in the dream, giving readers new worlds and delightful puzzles.

I am reminded of an old friend in the field who would keep reminding me, "We aren't in the business of selling widgets but dreams.  Never forget that and you'll do fine as an editor".

I like to think that I've managed to do that very thing. 

Welcome, Claire!

More soon...