Annual Room Share Blog 2012

It's time again for our annual room-share blog. This is the place for you to find roommates to share your hotel room at the Sheraton.

Even if you're not sharing, our conference room rate is already in place at the Sheraton. Book early! The room rate will be available until mid-September, by which point the hotel will be filling up, so why not book now? It's one more thing you won't have to remember when summer patios beckon.

You'll find hotel information here:

If you're hoping to find someone to share your room with, please feel free to use the comment section below to try to connect with a kindred spirit. We suggest you share whether you have a room booked or are looking to share costs with someone who does, what's important to you in a roommate (ie M/F, early-to-bed or early riser, etc.), and whether you snore loudly.

As always, please do your homework. We provide this comment trail for your convenience, but we don't know many of the people who post and we do not get involved in this process. Roommate arrangements are made at your own risk.

That being said, lots of great new friendships have been started in this very thread in past years. Save money and meet new people. Sounds like a good plan to us!




If last year is any indication, I spend almost NO time in my room. I'd turn in around 10pm (even 11) and head out at 7am the next morning. Come in, sleep, leave, that's me! I was just as happy to be downstairs on my netbook as eating breakfast in my room.

Looking for another female, someone who doesn't mind a quiet/absent partner. :)

I am a non-smoking female in my late 40's - okay, I'll be 50 in March - and I'm looking to share a room during the conference. I usually go to bed around 10:00, don't snore and get up around 6:00 a.m. Quiet, considerate and tidy, I'm never in the room as I don't want to miss anything. I've roomed at this conference before and it worked out great. I'm willing to reserve the room and you can pay me when we get to the conference if that works best.


The title really says most of it, but here's the rest of the story:

I'm a woman in her late 40's, mother, writer and speaker and have attended the conference several times (as a volunteer). This time, I can afford to go as a guest, so I am trying to keep my costs down by sharing a room.

I am quiet but not anti-social. I like to read before bed to quiet down, and am both an early riser and sometimes late to bed. But if I stay up late, I'll be quiet coming in and out of the room.

As far as I know, I don't snore. You can email me at mstephany at shaw dot ca

Hi there-

Despite the name, I'm female (blame my mother). Married. Kids. Poodles. High school teacher. Author. Poet. Dancer. Harpist. Shoe-o-holic. Artist. Traveller. Rotarian. Je parle francais. Puhun Suomea.

My editor was going to attend with me, but now she's not, and so her queen size bed is available for someone else!

I'm a 'stay up until the very last event is over' night owl, who will be challenged by the mornings. I attended SIWC in 2009, when I was a last minute walk in, and successfully pitched my first novel there. Now I'm back to pitch another one. I snore sometimes, but I will bring a pair of new ear plugs for you, to ensure your comfort. I don't smoke or drink, because I'd be dangerous intoxicated! :-) I don't read at night, because I'd still be reading in the morning.

Come visit my blog at if you want to know more about me. What's most important: I have a room booked, and there's a bed free for you.

Hi all, I'm looking for a female roomie for Friday and Saturday nights...I'm a female in the Lower Mainland, won't be smoking or drinking, tend to be a night owl but may crash early this year. I can book or you can book. Email me karin (at) cowbels (dot) ca