Contest Rule Change for Poets!

Hello Writers!

As I hope you ALL know, our SiWC 2012 season will get underway tomorrow with the opening of our 2012 Writing Contest. Details can be found on the contest page here:

We have a couple of wonderful changes to announce this year. For the first time ever, you'll be able to submit AND pay for your entries online, courtesy of the PayPal link you'll find on the right side of the contest page. 

We've also got some exciting news for our poets -- contest entry length has been extended, due to popular demand. Now, instead of a 40 line limit, the length of eligible poems has been extended to 100 lines per entry.

We still welcome poems of shorter lengths, of course, but this allows those poets whose work runs a bit longer to also be included.

So -- are your writing engines started? Because the signal flag is dropping tomorrow, April 1, 2012.




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