SiWC Success Story

Ever wonder if anyone really finds success from attending a writing conference? We know they do!

We've enjoyed hearing lots of SiWC success stories over the years from writers who met their agent or editor at SiWC.

Today, I'm delighted to bring you a pretty amazing good news story, unusual because of how quickly it all came together.

At last year's SiWC, attendee Leanne Shirtliffe met agent Jill Marr who loved her book so much she made her an offer of representation ON THE SPOT. If you've ever been to any writing conference, whether SiWC or another, you know how rare that is. Leanne and Jill were excited and the rest of us got to share the buzz, too.

And now, just eight months after the conference and her fortuitous appointment with Jill, we are delighted to report that Leanne has a book deal!

You can read Leanne's blog about her news here:

Congratulations, Leanne! We're thrilled for you.