Tuesday's Two

Hello, again. I hope you're enjoying following our presenter reveals as much as I'm enjoying revealing them to you! Here at SiWC Central, we're SO excited about our 20th annual conference and the amazing people who've agreed to be a part of it that it's a lot of fun for us to tell you about them.

Will you have work ready to pitch this October? If so, perhaps you'll end up face-to-face across a table with one of today's two randomly-selected presenters, both agents.

First up, say hello to Victoria Marini, with an introduction in her own words:

I am an associate literary agent with the Gelfman Schneider Literary Agency, As the newest (and shortest) member of the team, and I began taking on clients in late 2010. Currently, I'm building my list and hungry for more.

I represent ADULT Literary Fiction, Commercial Fiction (suspense, thriller, mystery) Women’s Commercial Fiction (suspense, romantic suspense, thriller, mystery, urban fantasy and light sci-fi). I also represent YOUNG ADULT – pretty much everything! Literary, contemporary, dark & edgy. I’m always interested in Young Adult thrillers, noir, horror, light sci-fi/ fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, urban fantasy, suspense, and mystery. For MIDDLE GRADE, I accept fantasy, and humorous coming of age. In NON-FICTION, I accept queries for narrative non-fiction, humorous/pop-culture non-fiction, and memoir, as well lifestyle/how-to non-fiction.

I do NOT represent: popular science, psychology, philosophy, religious, new age/spirituality non-fiction, Picture Books, Epic Fantasy, Regency Romances, Adult Historical Fiction.

My wish list: The bottom line is that I’m looking for a fantastic idea (the kind where you go “Oh My Goodness, what a GREAT premise!) and the voice, character, story, and world-building to back it up. More specifically though, I’m always on the lookout for Contemporary YA with a great commercial hook, though I tend to go for the dark/edgy and commercial YA, especially. I want a classic YA horror in the vein of Lois Duncan and Christopher Pike. I love Middle Grade with an element of magic, like Coralineand Zombie Tag. I want a tricky game of cat and mouse, tension (of all varieties), a truly original re-imagined tale, myth or legend. In commercial women’s fiction, I need a romantic element with an interesting hook. I tend to gravitate towards mayhem and suspense. For a complete wish-list and more information, check out www.victoriamarini.com

Welcome, Victoria!


Returning this year after causing lots of giddy excitment at last year's conference is Jill Marr:

Jill is an acquiring associate agent at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.

She graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in History. She has a strong Internet and media background as well as over 10 years of publishing experience. She wrote features and ads for Pages, the literary magazine for people who love books, and continues to write book ads for publishing houses, magazine pieces and promotional features for television.

After writing ad copy and features for published books for years she knows how to find the “hook” and sell it.

Jill is interested in commercial fiction, with an emphasis on mysteries, thrillers and horror, women’s commercial fiction and historical fiction. She is also looking for non-fiction by authors who are getting their work published regularly and who have a realistic sense of the market and their audience. Jill is looking for non-fiction projects in the areas of history, sports, politics, current events, self-help, inspirational, cookbooks, memoir (she especially loves travel and foodie memoirs), health & nutrition, pop culture, humor and music.

Some of Jill’s recent and soon-to-be-published non-fiction include the Travel Channel’s Nick Groff’s Chasing Spirits (Running Press); Nancy L. Cohen's Delirium: The Shadow Movement That Fuels Our Political Wars (Counterpoint); Martha Biondi’s Black Revolution on Campus: 1968 and its Legacy (UC Press); Doulas A. Wissing’s Funding Our Enemy (Prometheus Books); Market Mind Games (McGraw-Hill) by Denise Shull; Jay Michaelson’s God versus Gay?: The Religious Case for Equality (Beacon); Rick’s Café: How I Brought a Screen Legend to Life in Casablanca (Lyons Press) by Kathy Kriger; William Jones’ More than the Dream: The Untold Story of the March on Washington (Norton); Rocking the Pink (Seal Press) by singer-songwriter, Laura Roppé;  Drunks: America’s Search for Sobriety (Beacon) by Christopher Finan; and Argyle Armada: Life with America’s Top Pro Cycling Team (VeloPress) by Mark Johnson.

Some of Jill’s new fiction includes Bloodman (Thomas & Mercer), by Robert Pobi, The Silencer (St. Martin’s Press) by columnist, Solomon Jones; Flat Spin (The Permanent Press), a thriller from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Freed; the second in the Lexi George’s series Demon Hunting in the Deep South (Kensington); Prayers of an Ibo Rabbi (Africana Heritage Legacy Publishers); and the Jaden Terrell’s series that includes Racing the Devil and A Cup Full of Midnight (The Permanent Press).

Jill is not looking for YA, children’s books, sci-fi, romance or anything involving unicorns.

Welcome back, Jill!

More soon...