What People Say About SiWC


Wondering whether SiWC is for you? Here's what people said about SiWC 2011:


"If SiWC were human, she’d be your outrageous best friend. Your favourite aunt after a glass or two of sherry. That great teacher who made learning fun and somehow conned you in to trying harder."


“SiWC was, hands down, the best conference experience I've ever had in nearly 20 years of writing life.”


“This is my favorite writers conference out of all the ones I’ve been to. The most fun, funny, supportive and informative. Great job! I hope to come back next year.”


“I loved all of it. Even though this was my first year, I felt completely included among all the ‘repeat offenders’”


“You guys are fan-freaking fantasically amazing and while I’m exhausted, I can hardly wait for next year’s conference.”


                       “The conference has been truly life-changing for me as an author. I will be sure to come back again.”


“It’s a fabulous conference. What more can I say? See you in 2012!”