Photo Contest Deadline December 1

So, how is your post-conference recovery going? Are you assuaging your SiWC-related longings by participating in NaNoWriMo? Or are you bearing down on your latest ms by using the Famous Yahtzee Method?

Either way -- I wish you happy writing!

But if, instead, you find yourself flipping sadly through pictures on your camera phone, harking back to the halcyon days of #SiWC13, stop right now! Type '' into your email and forward your favourite shots to us for our contest! Open only to attendees of the conference this year [naturally, since if you didn't come, it's unlikely you'll be in possession of fancy photos of JJ Lee or suspicious snaps of Slade...] we are offering some great prizes and a chance to add to our photo database for posterity.

The small print: 1st prize: SiWC ‘This Day We Write’ hoodie, 2nd prize: SiWC Writing Contest Anthology, 3rd prize: SiWC Tea Infuser. Submission of your photo for consideration in this contest implies permission for SiWC to use it in our promotional materials. All photos will be credited to the photographer!

Share the memories! Deadline is midnight, December 1, 2013.



kc dyer, Director, SiWC