Success Story: Tyner Gillies

If you've been to the conference any time in the past five or so years, you have likely spotted today's feature success story. He blends into the crowd pretty well most of the time, but on Saturday nights -- the most formal of our evenings -- his scarlet RCMP uniform has a way of standing out. By day, Corporal Gillies chases down bad guys and does a lot of paperwork. By night, too, as half his work is done after midnight. But on his off days, Tyner is a full-fledged writer. His first published book THE WATCH, emerged in 2012, published by Dark Dragon Books. The story features Constable Quinn Sullivan, an RCMP officer in the tiny town of Resolution Cove, and a big, terrifying monster. Have you read it, yet? Tyner is currently working on the sequel, and has yet another novel in the pipeline.

Just yesterday, a crime fiction anthology NEFARIOUS NORTH --featuring yet another one of Ty's stories-- debuted on Amazon. All I'm going to tell you about his story in this book is that it is based on one of his experiences as an officer, and it features BIG rats.  But you know what else?

The story was once an entry in the SiWC writing contest.

Yep, Tyner Gillies, multi-published author, enters the SiWC writing contest every year. He's won a couple of times, too. He's not the only published author to do so -- winning this contest is a feather in any writer's pen. [Have you sent YOUR entry in yet? More than $4000 in prizes and an entry fee that has not gone up in more than 10 years!]

So, today let's celebrate the successes of this fresh, creative voice Tyner Gillies. You can buy his books online for about the same price as a cup of coffee -- why not treat yourself today?

And when you do, remember that you can meet him in person at #SiWC13. Our conference is where Tyner Gillies cut his chops as a writer, and he still clears his schedule to come every year. He's one of SiWC's proud success stories, and we can't wait to see what he'll do next!


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