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With back-to-school just around the corner, here's a post written by our own Yilin Wang, featuring the youngest of our tribe. Yilin herself is a young writer, and we thank her for sharing her thoughts here, and wish her well as she embarks on a year of adventure at the University of Edinburgh! You can read more of her work at her blog site HERE.

SiWC Young Writers Day

On Friday October 19, 2012, over 50 young writers from Surrey and the rest of Metro Vancouver attended the Surrey International Writer’s Conference.

“I wanted to come because I enjoy writing,” Lauren, a young writer, responded when asked what brought her to SIWC. Other youths echoed her words. Some decided to attend the conference because of recommendations by their writing mentor or group, while others learned about it through their school or independent search. 

Throughout the day, they listened to keynote speakers, attended workshops on various topics, shared a lunch with other young writers, mingled with professional writers, obtained writing critiques in Blue Pencil sessions, and pitched projects to agents and editors.

Reflecting on her experience, Carmela said she loved attending the workshops and learning more about the craft of writing. “I kept on scribbling down notes because I didn’t want to miss anything.”

Avery was excited to get feedback on her fiction in a Blue Pencil session. “I really enjoyed hearing what people had to say on my writing. I feel self-conscious about showing my work. It’s great to hear something nice and also the criticism.”

Many young writers were also delighted to be a part of the SIWC literary community. “I very much enjoyed it,” said Sarah. “It was very inspirational and helpful, and very nice to meet people.”

“My favourite part of the day has been listening to these writers,” added Rebecca. She recommends young writers take advantage of this opportunity and advises them: “Do some research before you come.” 

 “It’s a great experience,” Avery concluded at the end of the day. “If you’re passionate, no matter what age you are, this is the place to be.”



Thanks, Yilin!

And if you know a group of young writers who might benefit from attending the conference, email me at and we can talk about the details!


~kc dyer

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