The Annual Room Share Blog, 2016 Edition

It's time, once again, for our annual room share blog. 

Hoping to find a hotel roommate to share expenses at this year's SiWC? This is the place for you!

Even if you're not sharing, this is your reminder to book soon using our group rate for best prices and in-room internet included. You can book your room here: Don't leave it too long! The hotel always sells out, and at last check, it was getting awfully close to sold out already. 

If you are looking for a room share, please feel free to use the comment section below to try to connect with a kindred spirit. We suggest you post whether you have a room booked or are looking to share costs with someone who does, what's important to you in a roommate (ie gender if you care, early-to-bed or early riser, etc.), and, of course, whether you've been told you snore loudly. :) Don't forget to come back here to check to see if someone's trying to connect with you. 

As always, please do your homework and make good use of your spidey senses. We provide this comment trail for your convenience, but we don't know many of the people who post and we do not get involved in this process. Roommate arrangements are made at your own risk. 

That being said, lots of great new friendships have been started in this very thread in past years. Save money and meet new people. Sounds like a good plan to us!


I can't believe it! Sold out!  I am devestated and homeless, it seems. Clean, quiet, non smoking, only drink in the lounge type of gal approaching 40 looking for someone who already has a room and is willing to share. I don't spend a lot if time in the room but it's nice to have a place to sleep between midnight and 7am! Can you help me out?

My name is Matt Jackson. I'm a writer from Victoria, Canada, who will be coming over from Thursday, Oct 20th until Sunday morning. I've reserved a room for the entire conference (three nights), but would be interested in splitting the room costs with another male conference attendee. If you're interested, please email me at or call me at (778) 406-2210. I guess I should add that I'm quiet and non-smoking, in my early Forties, who doesn't stay up too late. I don't typically snore, either, at least according to my wife. :)

I was so proud of myself for signing up for the conference this year as soon as I was able to.  Then, I said to myself, "Self, you can sign up for the hotel... LATER.", which of course I didn't do.  Now am, well, wondering if any one would be interested in sharing their room.  But before you'd even consider, I figure you'd want to know about me.  I'm female, over 40, non-smoker, brush my teeth and wear deodorant on a regular basis, and look like a standard and boring tallish normal person.  Yawn - I know, right?  My mad skills include: talking to strangers, knowing almost every lyric to "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot, and knowing the difference between colons and semicolons.  And I know what your thinking, wow, she sounds wild, but no worries, the wildest thing you can expect is drinking a half a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and going to bed early.   If you don't have a room yet, and still want to share at a neighbouring hotel, I'd be interested!   

Hello there. I'm in the same boat of signing up early for the conference but putting off the hotel registration until it was too late. I'd be interested in splitting the cost of a room at the Sandman Suites Guildford if nothing turns up for either of us at the conference venue.

Hello. I booked a room at the Sandman because they were filling up quickly as well. It's a King bed with pull out sofa, and I have it for Thurs, Fri, and Saturday nights. Would be glad to split costs if you're interested in sharing the room.

Sorry Jenny!  I was slow at responding - I thought for that someone had already responded to your post!  I've now actually found a room with someone else, but I am sure someone will take you up on your offer!  Hopefully I will see you at the conference!

While I've been known to love a good Sauv Blanc, my preferences might lie with a craft beer or great scotch...
I'm an over-50 woman who snores (i've been told), who has booked from the 20th to the 23rd and am willing to me at

I confess. I'm an introvert but love to chat in smaller groups. I'm really not a party girl. And I'm not really interested in a bidding war...unless it's for a review of my new novel.

Ditto to a couple of the comments above. I was dismayed to discover the hotel was sold out before I had a chance to book a room! I'd love to share a room, preferably with another woman. Happy to split the cost of the reservation. I'm in my mid-thirties, mother of three kids and known as "science mom" at their school for the weekly science demos I do as a volunteer. I work part time teaching at a small college, and I don't drink, smoke, or snore. I write Middle Grade Fiction, Science Fiction, and Nonfiction. I'm easy going and would be glad to accomodate the schedule of either an early riser or night owl. You can read a little more about me at my rather spare personal website ( and if you'd like to contact me you can leave a comment there with your email address (which I won't publish on the website). Hope to hear from someone, and again, I'd be glad to split the cost of the room reservation.

Hi there,

I see a few women have been discussing sharing a room at the hotel, but I'm still looking for a male conference attendee to split room costs at the Sheraton. I'm booked in for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I'm clean, quiet, non-smoking. Not much of a partier. Post a reply here, or email me at

Enthusiastic Unpublished Nearing 50 Female Seeks Room at Sheraton. Or even a portion of the hallway to wander in the night, and maybe a bathroom. Or the floor of a closet. 
Or, maybe my car and your bathroom? Is that allowed? 
I don't have a room. I don't have a room. I don't have a room. 
Am I your next best friend? Am I The One you've been looking for?
Probably not. But I love the SiWC and I go every year. It is beautifully organized, the classes are tight and fast, and the food and the vino are in equal parts delicious and lamentable. Plus this one time, at SiWC15, I won a prize, and so I am a little bit famous. 
I will see you all there! I am so excited.
Email me at if you possibly have a room to share.

I was on the waiting list and just got a basic pass for the weekend! Now I'm looking for a room to share. I'm currently enrolled in the SFU Writer's Studio. I am female so would be comfortable sharing a bed with another female or having my own bed. I also have a male friend at the Writer's Studio who would be up for sharing a room if you have one and want to save money by having three or four of us room together. I am a young 49, don't snore and like to go to bed by 11pm.  I've lived in a lot of communal houses so I'm accustomed to sharing - how to be considerate and communally minded. I enjoy sharing conversation and quiet space as appropriate. 

If there are any males who are looking for a roommate at the last minute, I might be your guy. I have a room at the Sheraton for all three nights (Thurs, Fri, and Sat) and would love to split room costs with somebody. Please email me at or Tel: 778-406-2210. Thanks.

Older female looking for a room - anyone who wants a quiet, tidy,  go to bed early and "tip toe" in the morning person, I may be your gal. Not chatty - bit of an introvert, but not shy either.

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