Quick Conference Update

Man. September is HURTLING to a close and the conference approacheth apace!

A couple of quick notes here. Are you working on your costume yet? 'Cause, come ON! Once Upon A Time ...Machine offers a lot of scope for decent costumery! [No pressure if it's not your thing, of course!]

Also, a reminder that today is the last day to get any kind of refund on your registration if you need to cancel. We have a BIG waiting list, so please -- if you can't make it, let us know today, so that someone else can come in your place. We have a handful -- less than a handful, actually, of Sunday-only spaces left. Questions? Email conference admin istrator Jennifer Browne at registration@siwc.ca

Edited to add:

The Writing Contest Deadline is THIS FRIDAY! First prize is $1000 -- have you entered yet? Info is HERE.

We are SO excited to bring you the most amazing conference ever. Master Classes run one month from today, October 20th, and the conference itself begins a month from tomorrow. So, flip all the switches, crank all those gears and get ready to ride your Time Machine to SiWC16!


kcdyer, Director #SiWC16


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