The 2016 Surrey International Writers' Conference, quite possibly the BEST ever, has come to a close. Watch this space for a wrap-up post from the amazing Kathy Chung, pictures and other celebrations of this unforgettable event. In the meantime, we encourage you to follow @SiWCtweets and #ThisDayWeWrite year-round on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with our wonderful conference community. If you missed getting a handout from a workshop, or have any marvellous pictures you'd be willing to share, contact me at kcdyer@siwc.ca.

Thank you for coming -- and mark your calendars for next year, our 25th Anniversary, October 20-22, 2017.


kc dyer

Director, #SiWC16


sweetly tweeting @kcdyer


Hi kc,

Did Don leave any notes, or did anyone perhaps tape his keynote address? I was so disappointed to have to miss it but we had to leave early to see an old friend in the hospital before we caught the ferry back to the island.

BEST conference ever! Thank you all again for putting it together.

Kathy McCullough

I don't have notes, Kathy, but if anyone else took them and cares to forward them to me, I will pass them on. I do suggest you check out twitter, #siwc16, as I know several people were live-tweeting the speech.

Lovely to see you again. Until 2017!


I'll be posting notes for various key notes and workshops on my blog at shawnbird.com.  I'll start by transcribing this one, which I had to write on  paper.  Watch for it.