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kcdyer, Wednesday October 8, 2008 - 5:08pm
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SiWC 2007 conference presenter, author and playwright Dennis Foon is a part of an upcoming production called TRUE BELIEVERS. In his own words:MY ACID TRIP is a man's look back at his first hallucinogenic experience, and how that illuminated the hidden truths about his immigrant family, their secrets, and the day his great uncle got a boiled potato stuck in his mouth. From the Solocollective website:TRUE BELIEVERS

three monologues by Dennis Foon, Lorena Gale, and Ian Weir directed by Camyar Chai, John Cooper, and Rachel...

kcdyer, Tuesday October 7, 2008 - 10:59pm

Lotsa questions coming this way about the Masque, mostly (I guess) since it's new this year. I'm going to do up a little FAQ here, and if you can fire any questions you may still have into the comments section at the end, I'll pop back and answer them over the next few days. goes:

1. Timing. Technically the Masque is our Night Owl event, and therefore does not begin until 9 pm. However, you certainly may come to all the evening festivities, which have been delayed an extra 15 minutes to allow a bit more preparation time, all ready for the Masque, and thereby not miss a minute of the fun. 

Here's the way Saturday evening is scheduled to progress:

Workshops end at 5:00 pm. Cash Bar opens.

5:30 pm -- 7:00...

kcdyer, Monday October 6, 2008 - 3:42pm


The blog posts are going to be coming fast and hard over the next couple of weeks, so grab a tight hold of your keyboard and get ready for a wild ride!

Now, when I am not typing up a storm around here, one of the places I hang with my writer buddies is the CompuServe on-line Books & Writers forum. It's a great place for a lively discussion, to ask a research question or two and to hang out with a bunch of SiWC regulars.

One of the folks on the forum who is attending the conference sent me off a few questions, and I thought this might be the best place to answer some of here goes. 

If you have more...

kcdyer, Monday October 6, 2008 - 2:24pm
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Long-time presenter, agent and friend to the conference, Donald Maass has just given a literary gift to the public, making his book THE CAREER NOVELIST available online by pdf download.

Check it out here: The Career Novelist Free On-line

 I have the paperback version sitting on the bookshelf above my head, at the moment. Now you can get your copy on-line for free!


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kcdyer, Sunday October 5, 2008 - 4:17pm

This from the "what are you waiting for?" file -- (actually from our comment page): 

Just wanted to let you know, you've done an excellent job with this SIWC website. It's been very informative and helpful and I'm looking forward to attending again. In case you have visitors to your website vacillating on the decision whether it is worthwhile to invest the time and money in attending this conference, I just want you (and them) to know it's done wonders for me. I had no intention of meeting with an agent last year, but as fate would have it, I hooked up with Jenoyne Adams. I signed a formal contract this past March with Bliss Literary Agency International and Jenoyne is currently hard at work preparing my first three fantasy novels for representation....

kcdyer, Saturday October 4, 2008 - 6:06pm



Back from my book tour of the Kootenay Region of BC (you can read all about it on my blog here: kc's blog) and next on the agenda is the gathering of information and insight from the contest committees.

Contest shortlists should be out this week. As soon as the shortlisted authors are notified, details will be posted here. Please note we will not publish the names of the shortlisted authors, as the judging is always done blind, but the authors themselves will be notified of their success.


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kcdyer, Thursday October 2, 2008 - 5:29pm


At SiWC last year, author (and long-time librarian) Lois Peterson spearheaded an effort to raise funds for 'Library Grove'. The 25-tree grove in Holland Park is an initiative of the Surrey Public Library to celebrate 25 years as an organisation. As of today, the grove is a reality.

From Lois:

Many 2007 SiWC participants contributed to the cost of a tree in the 25-tree Library Grove that Surrey Public Library planted on October 2, 2008 in Holland Park, Surrey. This project is designed to recognize '...the value trees bring to the environment, our community, and library collections,' and is one of a number of projects celebrating the library's 25th anniversary in 2008. LIbrary...

kcdyer, Monday September 29, 2008 - 7:31pm
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 (* Award-winning book stack...)


Even with our jam-packed schedule this year, we will hold our annual author Book Fair and Signing on Saturday evening from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, as usual. You can bring books in to be signed by your favourite author, and local authors will also be on hand to sell and sign their own books.(* Come ON! You too can have your bedside table look like this if you try hard enough!)

 If you ARE a local author, and are planning to join us for this event, you must contact us before October 1 to reserve a spot. Places are filling fast -- so be sure to check in with our Conference Assistant and Bookfair Coordinator Ingrid Roeske at bookfair@...

kcdyer, Saturday September 27, 2008 - 8:30am


The Word is hitting the streets tomorrow with events right across Canada. Here in the Lower Mainland you'll find a gorgeous fall day, with tons of books, magazines and words of every description on the streets around the main branch of the Vancouver library.

For me, WOTS marks the true beginning of fall -- all the author events, book launches and fun with the written word really commences with this celebration of all things literary.

Your humble (but intrepid) blogger goes on tour to the Kootenays starting tomorrow, but first I'll be down getting a taste of...

kcdyer, Thursday September 25, 2008 - 9:01pm



We sent out the latest newsletter last night and this morning. Did you get your copy? If not, better sign up for our e-newsletter! You can find the sign-up here.



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