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kcdyer, Wednesday June 11, 2008 - 9:28pm

Now that our remarkable list of presenters is available on the site, we're getting many questions about this year's content. What workshops will be on offer? Which panels will be available to choose from? Who will the keynote speakers be this year?

Fear not -- step one of the scheduling process is now complete. If you check over at the menu on the right, you'll see a new button for 'Conference Overview'. Our WebWizard has spent long hours re-working the code for this new section, and it's now up and running. The next step is to begin loading the more than 70 workshops, panels, keynotes and more that will be on offer at the conference this year.

We will also be running Master Classes prior to the conference again this year. Now, these classes are not...

kcdyer, Tuesday June 10, 2008 - 10:41pm

Now that we are gearing up for SiWC 2008, the questions are starting to come in fast and furious. We have done a complete overhaul of the website this year, but things are slowly coming together -- and looking FANTASTIC, thanks to WebWizard Dale. A few bits and pieces are still missing, though, so I'm going to take this opportunity to answer a couple of questions that have come my way. And keep an eye on the website -- there are changes every day.


Yep -- it's coming! Right now it's looking like mid-July, as usual. When we have a firm date, you'll hear it here first! As the time nears, we'll have the registration link all set to go from this very site. Of course, you can always register by telephone, too, but again that doesn't open until...

kcdyer, Friday June 6, 2008 - 9:07pm

This is Bob Dugoni. He is one of the astounding speakers who will be attending SiWC 2008 this year. We're pretty excited to have him...

He's a best-selling author of some amazing books.


Now, you can hie yourself over to his website, of course, just to see what he's been up to lately. Here -- I'll make it easy for you. Just click the word website, and hey presto -- you'll be off to his site. But if you want the inside scoop on what Bob has to share with our conference organizers, just click here, and you'll be taken to his bio page on our...

kcdyer, Thursday June 5, 2008 - 5:59pm

As the conference coordinator, I find myself on the receiving end of a lot of email.


But some of the correspondence I get is more fun than the rest. I particularly enjoy the success stories -- folks who have come to the conference and in one way or another have struck gold.

This is Shula Klinger.

When she attended SiWC a few years ago, she met an editor there. It turned out to be a fortuitous meeting because... last month, Shula's first novel THE KINGDOM OF STRANGE was published by Marshall Cavandish.

We'd like to send out our most delighted congratulations to Shula on the publication of her first book. If you'd like to check the book out, have a peek at her website,...

kcdyer, Monday June 2, 2008 - 8:33pm


Welcome to the very first post of our new SiWC Blog. This blog is not intended to take the place of our email newsletter, but simply to give you a more-frequent taste of some of the excitement we have planned for our conference this year.

This blog will be a GREAT place to get your questions answered, to make comments or give suggestions -- in other words, it's a chance for you to get interactive with those of us on the inside.

You'll be able to pick up an RSS feed for your Reader -- and I highly recommend you do. Life (for the contemporary writer) without a blog reader is just not worth living. A blog reader (I use...