Parking....share a ride!




Parking at the conference? The Sheraton Hotel has a parking lot below run by Impark -- I believe the cost is $6 or $7 dollars a day. If you are just coming for the day, there is a big mall across the street ..The Guildford Town Centre .. but don't be tempted, as apparantly they are scrupulous in ensuring their parking is saved for shopping customers. There is some free parking on the streets around the hotel, but it's scarce.

My advice is to share a ride when you can. I had an email yesterday from a conference attendee who is looking to share a ride from New Westminster. A while ago I posted a Ride Share blog -- HERE. Join in the conversation -- if you can share a ride with someone to the conference, its a great way to start the fun early!


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I'll have to check my plane ticket, but I think I'll be getting there around the same time. I'd love to share a cab. I'll get back to you with the time after I have a chance to check it.

I get to Vancouver airport 8:23 am. It takes an hour or so to get to the hotel... I can probably wait an hour if it will save me $30... :)

I think I'm getting in at 10:15 if anyone else will be there around then to share a ride.