(photo credit: Ursula Maxwell-Lewis)

This beautiful courtesan graced the first annual SiWC Masque -- just a part of the amazing festivities of the conference this year.

The conference is history now, and I'd like to send my thanks out to all those who made it such a success -- our wonderful board members (one of whom is this luscious courtesan -- can you guess which?), our generous sponsors, our incredible volunteers, the talented and tenacious presenters...

and all the stalwart delegates who brought such energy and enthusiasm to every day of the conference.

Thank you all!

Over the next few days I'll be re-capping all the amazing events and talking about how we plan to step into the future with this website and blog. Watch this space for TONNES of pictures and info over the next days and weeks.

If you have a special memory you'd like to share from SiWC 2008 -- be sure to post it to the comments below.

And we'll see you next year(on October 23-25) in Surrey for SiWC 2009!



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