Griffin Award Winners -- Pandora's Collective!

We'd like to congratulate the amazing duo of Bonnie Nish and Sita Carboni on behalf of Pandora's Collective, this year's winners of the Griffin Award. SiWC founder Ed Griffin himself presented the award to Bonnie and Sita...and here's what he said (in part):

Promoting the Arts That Inspire the World to Take Notice of Itself

Pandora’s Collective promotes the arts through the usual kind of things, poetry readings, scholarships, arts festivals and poetry contests. But this group goes one step beyond the usual. They encourage the arts with adults going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, with children and teens at Inner City Schools and with youth in crisis.

            Pandora was a Greek goddess who visited earth and opened the box she’d been entrusted with, thereby releasing unforeseen troubles on the earth. But one gift remained in her box—the gift of hope. And because Pandora’s Collective gives people the gift of hope, the Surrey International Writers Conference is giving her this award today.

If you'd like to find out more about this amazing group, check out their website: Pandora's Collective .

Congratulations Pandora's Collective!



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We are so proud of all your accomplishments Bonnie. What a special person you are and I am sad we are separated by so many miles. I would love to be able to talk to you more and form a good friendship.

I am very pleased to see Pandora's Collective recognized with the Griffin Award. I have been a witness to their continuous dedication, and invitation. Their community embrace is wide, and it is warm and caring. I owe my first tentative steps toward publication to Bonnie's encouragement. I also want to congratulate them on providing venues for young writers as well (of which my daughter is one). Thank you again. This is a well deserved award.