Thanksgiving Give-Away




As promised, in celebration of our southern neighbour's Thanksgiving holiday, our latest Friday give-away!

Just reply in the comments section and choose the title of your favourite book to complete the following sentence -- 'I am most thankful to have read...'

If you want to say _why_ that particular book makes you so thankful...all the better!

Deadline for the give-away is Friday night, as usual -- Friday, November 28th at midnight PST. (That's Pacific Standard Time, not Provincial Sales Tax...)

I'll put all the eligible comments into a hat and draw for a MONDO Mystery collection from MIra Books:

THE TENTH CASE by Joseph Teller

14 by JT Ellison

THE DEAD ROOM by Heather Graham

THE STOLEN by Jason PInter

Limit one entry per person, please. Now...what's YOUR favourite book?



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The one book I am most thankful to have read is Colin Renfrew's Archaeology and Language. In this book, Renfrew took all the theories regarding the populating of Europe and threw them on their collective ear. I happened to read this at a time when I felt stifled by conventions, and reading this book made me realize that there *is* a place for an imaginative person who isn't afraid to put forth unpopular thoughts and theories. Helped me decide to write science fiction, even though I didn't follow the 'hard' rules.

The book I'm most thankful I have read is The Bible. While that may sound trite, having read it cover-to-cover several times, I've found it contains a number of stories with delightful plot twists and underlying themes, poetry, some common sense advice, and humor I never would have expected. If I hadn't read it, I would've believe what I'd been told it said -- much of which isn't true.

I am most grateful to have recently read A Swift Pure Cry by Siobhan Dowd. It was a wonderful, beautiful, painful read by an Irish YA author who passed away from cancer. The cover blurb describes it as "A breathtakingly beautiful tale of loss and discovery." and it is!I may be too late to be entered in the draw, but I wanted to contribute this title anyway. Cheers!Debbie Hodge

Thanks to all who contributed suggestions to the give-away. Draw results are imminent!


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