Registration Date !

For those of you who follow my Twitter account [@kcdyer, in case you are a secret tweeter yourself] , I have to confess to a small jetlag fail. I promised yesterday to announce the date SiWC registration will open for the year last night -- and then I fell asleep.

 But I'm conscious once more, and have just finished a newsletter announcement which should be heading out shortly to all our email followers, announcing the actual date. And for you, the faithful blog audience -- a small preview...

 Next Wednesday, June 10th at noon, we plan to open registration on-line and by telephone. 

There you have it! A full month earlier than last year -- hurrah!

Now, for the next few days, we'll be scrambling to get all the info you need onto the website. The newsletter outlines the list of amazing presenters, but ...jetlag permitting...I'll post 'em here to the blog tomorrow. We'll be updating presenter bios, confirming Master Classes, and outlining the program itself over the next little while.

 So hang onto your hats -- registration for SiWC 2009 is almost here. Watch this spot for daily updates. More soon...and don't forget to enter our contest!



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