Registration Open -- and a Few Notes To Be Shared





Busy couple of days we've had this week, but registration is now safely open and we are taking on attendees by the dozen every day. Welcome to you all!

A reminder that over the next few weeks we will be firming up our schedule. This year there will be no brochures printed. We made this call for a couple of reasons. In the past, in order to get the brochures printed on time, we had to have them done about now -- literally 5-6 months prior to the conference. This means that by the time the conference [with it's cast of more than 60 presenters and 75 workshops, panels and special events] rolls around, schedules and presenters have inevitably changed somewhat, the brochures are dated and require a correction sheet supplement. 

Instead, this year, we will have a printable version available on-line, and will keep our on-line information as up-to-the minute and accurate as possible. 

For the next week, you can anticipate there may be a few changes in scheduling as we sort through the opening details. You can rely on the information on our registration form as being the most correct -- any changes we have are reflected there first, before we even put them up on the website.

Thanks to all for your patience, loyalty and enthusiasm. Your Board and volunteers are working hard to make SiWC 2009 our best conference ever.


Edited to add: We WILL, however, be producing posters with all the highlights from the conference. If you'd like a few to help us spread the word, email me at and I'll make sure you get as many as you'd like.



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