Registration Question -- Appointments


And speaking of booking appointments ...

We've had a few questions over the last few days regarding booking appointments with registrarion. This is only natural because this is a BRAND new option we have available with our new registration system. In past years, registrants have given their three top choices and these appointments have been booked by hand.

With our new on-line system, on the second page of the registration form, you are given a drop-down menu for each and every available presenter, listing their available time slots. You can choose one author for Blue Pencil and one editor / agent / publisher for a Pitch Appointment.

Hooray for technology!

As with everything techie, though, there are pros and cons. The pro is you get to know Right AWAY who your appointments are with, and when. The con is you have to make your choice when you register. Who to choose, who to choose? An embarrassment of riches, really...

But wait! There is another pro, and here it is...

You are NOT limited to a single Blue Pencil and Pitch session. You can only book one of each on line with your registration, but there are always PLENTY of spots left over for booking at the conference. Every day we open the appointment desk and you can sign up for whomever is available for both Pitch and Blue Pencil appointments. 

Bear this in mind when you are toiling over your choices on the registration form. Registration is moving briskly -- are you signed up yet?



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Is there a link somewhere on the website to see a listing of everyone who will be doing Blue Pencils so that I can think about it before I start into the registration process?  I'd really love the link.  I've searched all over, but can't seem to locate it!

 Thanks - Jenny

Hi Jenny,

Sorry -- it's not up yet, but we are working on it. In the meantime, I can tell you that all the authors attending will be doing Blue Pencil sessions, except for Mary Jo Putney and Chris Humphreys. Most of the authors only have a few slots, however, so some are already booked up. The latest availability is on the registration sheet, so if you make up a list of three favourites before-hand, you should be good for booking your choice when you register.

Hope this is a help!


kc dyer
SiWC Conference Coordinator