Don't Say We Didn't Warn You...

We said they were coming....And here they are!



SiWC 2009 is being invaded by Little Green Men!
Friday night, Michael Slade is bringing his 'Shock Theatre' LIVE radio plays back to SiWC . And, in honour of the upcoming Night of All Souls, and the subsequent celebration of Hallowe'en, this year's entry will be a reimagining of the famous Hallowe'en broadcast of WAR OF THE WORLDS.

But those are not the little green men of which I speak [or...type.] Last year at the conference, we had a special celebration in the form of a Masque. To keep things fresh, instead of a Masque this year, we are planning to celebrate Slade's little green men by bringing in aliens of the writerly kind.

Our challenge to YOU, dear attendees, is to dress up on Friday night -- for dinner, if you choose, and for the special Friday Night version of Shock Theatre  -- if you dare -- as YOUR favourite alien.

Any alien, in any imagined universe is fair game.


Is ET your guy? Have him phone home from SiWC 2009!


Would you rather beam up as Captain Kirk?

 Do it!

So here's the deal.

Prizes for best costumes will be awarded. Give it your best shot, whether your favourite alien is Lovecraftian or more along the lines of the cute guy from Red Dwarf. And if you can't bring yourself to fashion a pair of Spock Ears to wear to the conference Friday night, we'll have some deely-boppers [yes, those boing-boings you wear on your head] available as a fundraiser for the local young writers contest.

So all the little green people will be winners!

Now, I'll be sending out a newsletter this weekend, but you favoured few who read the blog have heard the news here, first. Get your thinking cap -- and your alien antennae -- on, and come up with the best costume ever!


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