A sleepy [and short] message from your outgoing conference coordinator, bidding presenters, attendees and volunteers a fond farewell after  what I hope was a marvellous conference experience at the 2009 Surrey International Writers' Conference.

A reminder ... if you would like a copy of any of the handouts provided by presenters this weekend, please email me at . I'll send you a Word doc as soon as I can.

[This is in support of our Green Endeavour -- our attempt to ensure we don't run off more paper than is absolutely required.]

And on a personal note -- please accept my most humble thanks for all the gracious words of kindness directed toward me this weekend. This conference is the product of the work of literally hundreds of volunteers, and each and every one of them deserves a part of the credit for our event. 

A HUGE word of thanks goes out to:

...our presenters who generously gave their time and expertise.

...our volunteer crew, who shared their weekends and their muscle!

...our wonderful attendees, who brought their ideas and dreams!

...the absolutely amazing Board of Directors who worked tirelessly to pull things together.

Join us again next year from October 22-24th, 2010 for the 18th annual SiWC. 

And until then...keep an eye on this blog, as we find ways to connect our writing community throughout the year. 

Talk to you soon!



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