Welcome Kathy Chung!

Hey everyone -- there's a new kid in town!

This is Kathy Chung, and she'll be taking over as conference coordinator...well, as of right now. She's in charge [along with our Board of Directors, School District staff and a fantastic selection of volunteers] of getting the SiWC 2010 show on the road.

I'll be moving [along with my tights] to a position on the Board, so you'll see me at SiWC 2010, but just not in quite the same role.

Kathy's been coming to the conference almost as long as I have -- since 2001, I believe. And she's been Contest Assistant for the past three years, so she has a really good grip on how our systems run. She's a writer and a teacher and a mother...and she's excited about joining the group of crazies who put on this event every year.

She'll be blogging here, soon, but until she gets set up to do that, here are a few thoughts she'd like to share:

Hi everybody! Nice to meet you. First of all, a GIANT thank you to our marvellous kc for all her hard work coordinating the conference for the last three years. She's left me with very big shoes to fill. I'm not even going to attempt to fill the colourful tights; no one can pull them off like our kc, so look for them right where they belong next year.
The excitement from this year's conference hasn't even begun to fade, but we're already looking towards 2010, and I'm thrilled to be a part of the team that will bring it together. Next October will roll around pretty quickly, so mark your calendars and plan to join us October 22-24. In the meantime, follow us here on the blog and on Twitter throughout the year.

We are so thrilled to have Kathy -- please make her feel welcome. And if you'd like to do so by email, you can find her at kathychung@siwc.ca

As for me, I'll still be at kcdyer@siwc.ca, or at the blog and twitter addresses below. 


also blogging as leftwriter

sweetly tweeting @kcdyer & @siwc2009