Good News from 2009

Just got this letter from attendee Mike Wicks:

I thought you might like to know that as a result of attending SIWC I am now represented by Dreisbach Literary Management; Verna is excited about my book and working with me. She is friends with Stan Wakefield who was also keen on the book and he is keen to see the publisher's proposal as soon as it is available.

SIWC made all this happen - so my heartfelt thanks. I'll be back next year!

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Way to go Mike! Just Tweeted the good news! Well done!

The SiWC Board of Directors loves good news stories about our SiWC alumni!

~ Ursula (SiWC Director: Publicity & Treasurer)

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Many thanks for mentioning me in the Good News blog, November 8th, but just one small correction my name is Wicks (with a 'S') not Wicks. It's pretty important for an aspiring author to get his name spelt correctly. :-)

Mike it's just something like: 'Me no good type Egnlish fsat. yuo muts not cmplian'
Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!

Your collegue,


A late but significant edit. Best of luck, Mike Wicks!


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