The Week After... turns out that the week after the conference is ALMOST as nutso as the week before. So much to do -- so many thanks to share, waves goodbye to flutter, kisses to blow -- well, you get the picture.

Kathy Chung has taken the reins of the position of coordinator, and you will see her around here a lot more, very soon. But don't think you've gotten rid of me completely -- no sirree. I'll still be around like a bad penny, turning up when you least expect it. I've accepted a position on the Board, and as the biggest resident geek in the place, I'll still be hovering around the blog, of course.

For today, I'd like to give you a taste of what some of the attendees have to say about SiWC 2009 on line. Didn't make it this year? Have a read of some of these blog posts, and get a feel for what you missed. 

Registration for SiWC 2010 is a mere 6 or 7 months away! But don't take MY word for how great it is...


Here are some reasons why you shouldn't miss NEXT year's festivities:

Gemma and Teresa LOVE the SiWC!

A Contest Winner Shares the Glow.

A Novel Woman Sees SiWC as a sign...

Photographer Don Denton shares a visual peek into the conference.

Cheryl wishes she'd stayed longer...

Presenter Anthony Flacco shares his thoughts

 A volunteer longs for more...

A young writer shares her excitement

 Denise Jaden shares a fangirl moment with MegTilly

A writer shares the details

Presenter Richard Scrimger speed dates at Surrey


Sandra Wickham shares photographic evidence of a good time...

If you have seen other links about the SiWC 2009 experience, please share them in the comments!



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