Contest News

Wondering how to enter the SiWC writing contest? The guidelines for 2010 are up at Check them out!

Our deadline this year is Friday, September 10, 2010, but no need to wait until the very last minute. With $1000 prizes in every category, why not use the time to explore a new genre as well as your favourite? Categories are poetry, storytellers, non-fiction, and writing for young people. September will be here before we know it, and we're already looking forward to reading your efforts. Happy writing!


Why only so few categories? Where does that leave all of us scribes working on novels? I would have expected a meatier opportunity for a conference of this stature.

Many, many novelists enter our short story (Storytellers) category of the contest. At least one has won it in recent years. With four major categories covering writing for adults, writing for kids, poetry, and nonfiction, and no restrictions on genre within those categories, we're proud of the variety we offer in our contest, and hope that most writers will find a category that fits.

Kathy Chung
SiWC Conference Coordinator
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