Meet the Presenters 2010 - Arthur Slade

Happy Friday!

Time to introduce you to another brand new presenter, this time a Canadian who's part of the growing group of writers I know who avoid the dreaded effects of working at a desk all day by NOT working at a desk all day. Or at least not sitting at one. How do you write a book without sitting? I'll come back to that.

 But first, meet ARTHUR SLADE.

Arthur Slade was raised in the Cypress Hills of southwest Saskatchewan and began writing at an early age. He received an English Honours degree from the University of Saskatchewan, spent several years writing advertising and now writes fiction full time. He is the author of the Canadian Chills series of books, Dust (which won the Governor General's award), Jolted, and The Hunchback Assignments series. He currently lives in Saskatoon.

You can learn more about Arthur Slade at his website:

Welcome, Art!

Oh, are you still wondering about writing a book without sitting at a computer?

Rumour has it Arthur Slade is one of the many writers who work while walking on a treadmill. (Actually, it's not just a rumour. I heard about it in his podcast interview with "Authors Like Us" interviewers, authors, and SiWC presenter alums James McCann and Lee Edward Fodi here.)