Today marks the beginning of a new era in SiWC-dom. WebWizard Dale and I put our evil little techie minds together and have come up with a Cunning Plan to podcast a series of interviews with SiWC 2008 presenters. So, prior to our Board meeting today, we did a trial run at a coffee shop on the Kingsway, to give a little Surrey ambiance to the whole thing. And just because I was so knocked out by the cleverness of Dale's 'Go-Bag', here's a peek for you:

Cool, eh?

For the inaugural episode of our 'SiWC Soapbox' * podcast, Dale interviewed me, and subsequent podcasts will feature other presenters from the conference.

Watch for the first podcast, coming soon.

*(If you can think of a better name for our new podcast, post it in the comments and we'll consider it. If we take it on, we'll give you a super-fantastic SiWC souvenir prize!**)

** Likely a pen... =) . But a very super-fantastic pen!



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Yeah- "Soap Box" is too much of a radical speech on a park corner with little audience.Certainly, not an overwrought daytime "Soap" Why not: SWIC The Latest? or Extra, Extra News? SWIC Insider? Or PLUS? or SWIC Special? SWIC Tasty Tidbits? Try something positive and enticing.Bernice PS: The Colour of words now on CD

Soapbox doesn't seem like such a bad name to me. Rather intriguing, actually. Makes me hope to hear real opinions expressed, not mealy-mouthed, politically correct, yawn-inducing promo blather.

wonderful idea for the podcast. suggested titles:
SIWC writers-speak
SIWC:Writing Out Loud
Speakers Corner
Listen to This!