Can't Wait for SiWC 2010?

Neither can we! Kathy Chung will be announcing the registration opening date very soon.

But if you just can't wait, here's a way to slake your conference thirst. The Canadian Authors Association national conference is being held in beautiful Victoria, BC this year from June 24-27th. A number of old friends of SiWC [Anthony Dalton, Bernice Lever, Lois Peterson and me] will be presenting. Keynote speakers will include well-known authors Patrick Taylor and Richard Wagamese, and there are tons of activities planned -- make sure to check it out!

Details HERE, or contact Jean Kay, Conference Coordinator at 604-943-9247, or email:

Hope to see you there!


~kc dyer

SiWC 2010 Director



Always good to get remembered. Exciting that my long term writer pal. Patrick Taylor, is coming to Surrey--All are in for a treat!

Also got a jolt about about Ken Sherman -- thinking it was Ken Sherman of Ontario- a fine poet who started WAVES literary mag with me--1972-1987. Ken and I got hooked on lit. mag.s when we produced the Irving Layton class anthology the year before!

Ken Sherman of California will be a blast!

Always lots of good memories around literary events -- especially SIWC.