Off to a Terrific Start

Wow! What a day we've had here at SiWC Central! Registration is off to a roaring start, and we are absolutely thrilled. Thank you to everyone who helped get us started on such an exciting note.


So far (touch wood), there's only on casualty to report in all the excitement: my credit card. See what I'll sacrifice for you people? No, really, I used it this morning to test the system to make sure you'd be able to register when we opened at noon, and I made the mistake of leaving it on an end table in a location easily accessible to my eight-month-old puppy. So I got to phone the credit card company and say, "My dog ate my credit card." I had a good laugh about it, though the woman on the phone was Very Serious.


Registrations are coming in quickly. For the best chance at your first choice of pitch and blue pencil appointments, register early!