Room Share

Planning to stay in the Sheraton during SiWC this year, but wishing you had a roomie to share the cost? You've come to the right place. The comments thread on this blog post are open for your roommate hunting queries.

Early riser who doesn't want to tiptoe around a morning grump? Say so. Only want to share with someone your own gender? Post that, too. In past years, some new friends have met through our room share blog comments, and others have at least found like-minded sleepers to split the hotel bill with.

We are happy to provide this forum for you to connect with potential roommates as a courtesy, but please do your homework and ask lots of questions. We have no involvement in this process and are not responsible for the veracity of postings or the volume of your roommate's snoring.

Happy posting! 


I'm a 40 something female, looking for another female to share a room with at SIWC this year from Thursday night and leaving on Sunday. Will gladly split costs of room.

I tend to be an early riser, but may actually sleep LATE (for me anyhow) until about 7 am while at conference. Need someone quiet but definitely serious. I will be volunteering throughout the event so I need a place to go where I can shut down.

Please contact at mstephany at shaw dot ca

Hi Maude,
I would love to share, if you haven't already found someone. I'm on the quiet side as well. Haven't been to the conference in a few years, and itching to go, but finances are so tight. Finding someone to share would be great. I'm forty-something as well.

I'm 28 and female and just looking for someone to share with. I live local-ish but I need a bed to sleep in so I can get enough sleep (commuting is a time sink). I am a quiet person. I'll be up late for some of the evening events, but I am not a huge party girl, and I am very capable of tiptoing around early sleepers. I have already booked a room with two queen beds. Please e-mail me at moirayoung(at)live(dot)ca.

I am looking for someone to share a ride to the SIWC conference from the airport to the hotel.

Also if anyone is interested in sharing a room, please let me know. I want a female room mate.

Ms. Perviz