Registration notes and "Oops! I wish I'd..."

What a wonderful first week of registration it's been. We're thrilled to see registrations streaming in. Thank you! If you're planning to sign up, and have your eye on a particular agent or author to sit down with, don't wait too long for your best chance of getting the appointment you want. Slots are filling up. Did you know you get to pick your own appointment times when you register? That way, you'll know exactly when and with whom you're meeting from the moment you submit your registration.


Already signed up, but realized after the fact that you really want to take that master class you were contemplating? Registered for conference basic and then got talking with former attendees about how much networking goes on at the banquet meals? We can add master classes to your registration or upgrade you to a full conference package no problem as long as space is available. Just email me (kathychung at siwc dot ca) and we'll make the addition.  


Finally, we're pleased to announce the addition of poet Bernice Lever to our presenter roster this year. Her bio will be up soon, and she'll be available for blue pencil appointments on our registration system, too.