Prize Draw!

About time somebody won something around here, don't you think? We're still waiting for a winner in our mystery theme contest, and the guesses are getting tantalizingly close. But we're not there yet, and I feel like giving something away, so I will.


Given that we writers are notorious procrastinators as a bunch, we're going to reward one of you who's overcome that tendency. On September 1, I'll pull a name from among all the June, July, and August registrants for the conference to win a terrific book prize you can pick up when you arrive at SiWC this fall. To get in the draw, just complete your registration by 23:59:59 Pacific Time on August 31. The winner will be announced here. Good luck!



I think people who registered in June should get two entries. You know, for being so on-the-ball...

Of course, I'm not biased in the least. Not at all. I mean, I only registered in... well, June, but that doesn't mean I'm biased...

Okay. Maybe it does... ;)

I can see that suggestion comes from the goodness of your heart and has nothing at all to do with your own registration date. :)

Just got home from a trip and caught your post. I do love the anticipation of a prize... nothing better than a book, too! But then again, the anticipation of the conference itself is something special. I'm counting down the seven weeks. I'll be back tomorrow to see who the lucky winner is. ::Not holding my breath... no, really, I'm not... can't possibly hold it that long... gasp, gasp.::

I'm counting down to the conference, too, Carol. Exciting times!

But prizes are also exciting... winner coming soon...