Writing Contest Update

Attention all last-minute people, worried about getting your fees in on time for this year's SiWC Writing Contest.


We've updated our guidelines to reflect the fact that your mailed entries and fees and mailed fees for emailed entries must both be POSTMARKED by September 10. If you were panicking because the guidelines said we had to receive your cheque by the 10th, you can breathe just a little easier. The POSTMARK is the key.


Remember, the 10th is THIS COMING FRIDAY! Get your entries in soon. Prizes are amazing - $1000 first prize in each category - and this could be your year!


Hi Kathy...my contest entry was dropped off at the address given and it seems that it is the Invegarry Adult Ed trailor and they don't know where it goes....a Laura emailed me to say she received it and didn't know where it should be and then I was told they would try to find out where it went and so I am unsure where it should have gone.
Thanks Kerry