Saturday Night Solution!

Well, well, well... We have some BRILLIANT attendees following us online.

As you may know, we’ve been running a “guess the theme” contest the last couple of months, dropping very vague, very sneaky clues wherever you find us online. Guesses have been coming into my email, and I am excited to report that WE HAVE A WINNER!

Actually, we have two. Two of the guesses came VERY close on their own, but just didn’t quite capture the theme, according to our judges. Put the two together, and you’ve got as close a solution as our evidence is ever likely to produce. Our board was unanimous that these two add up to our winner. That means that TWO lucky guessers will win a book prize they can pick up at the conference.

The amazing thing to me is that one of those people was the first person to guess! Talk about being a good detective!

So, shall I tell you the winners first, or the theme? How about I tell you the winners AND their guesses?

The very first guess came from Vicki Barrow, who suggested “Come as your favourite detective.” So close…

Later, Ashley-Anne Churchill chimed in with “Crime and Punishment.” Oh so close…

Put them both together, and what have you got? Our theme.

What is that theme, you ask? At long last I can tell you it is

Crime Scene Investigation. That’s right! CSI.

And the mystery Night Owl event? The amazing Chris Mathieson, Executive Director of the Vancouver Police Museum, will be bringing us his entertaining and insightful look at everything you ever wanted to know about blood spatter. Creepy, but fun! We can't wait!

As usual, our Saturday night banquet is come-as-you-are, whether you want to wear the same duds you’ve been in at the conference all day, dress up a little bit, or don a costume in honour of our theme. Some Horatio Caine sunglasses, perhaps? Maybe a forensics kit in hand? A few bugs from Grissom's collection? Inappropriately high heels for wandering a murder scene? Use your imaginations and have fun with it. That's what our themes are all about.


Congratulations to Vicki and Ashley-Anne for their stellar detective skills!