DEADLINE day today!

Just a quick reminder that today, September 10, 2010, is the day. Entries for the SiWC Writing Contest must be submitted by 4pm pacific time today to be eligible for the contest.


Get your entries in!


Sure, deadlines are stressful. But $1000 prizes in each category are worth a little sweat. And hearing your work praised in front of a ballroom full of people? Priceless!


Check out all the guidelines on our contest page:


Good luck!



This is the first time I submit anything for a writing contest. I find this all very exciting and I can't wait for SiWC to arrive and to surround myself with other passionate writers.

Now, I feel really good about my entry but the anticipation of finding out if the judges liked it too is driving me a good way!!! The website says: "Short-listed writers will be notified in early October" and "Winners will be informed by October 13, 2010." Has anyone received an email yet? Clearly I haven't...yet! I'm keeping my hopes afloat by telling myself "no news is good news" at least that will work until the 13th of October. Whichever way it plays out, getting my story ready for the contest deadline was a great experience and I loved every second of it.

Best of luck to my fellow writers! I think everyone that submitted an entry is a winner for trying!