More on the Masque....


I believe I neglected to mention that at our upcoming Masque, costumes are not mandatory...but are welcome. 

It's the last Saturday before Hallowe'en, and if you'd like to dress up...go for it!

We are calling for a Literary Theme...which is wonderful, since every costume worth wearing has to be inspired by a book or a character...yes?

Give it some thought, and join in with the spirit of the evening!



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But of course! And I think WebWizard Dale has a lock on Jayne's touque!


kc dyer
SiWC Conference Coordinator

I'll be a participant, but I have a question for a friend. She's going to be there for the tradeshow. How would we get her into this? Tickets? Bribes? Chocolate?

Hi Julie,

You and I have talked about this privately, but for the record -- yes tickets are available on site, but are subject to availability. They cost $55 for a meal ticket. Steep, yes, but that is the price we are charged!

kc dyer
SiWC Conference Coordinator

Thank you, KC.

Yep, plans are underway now to do something fun. I just didn't know if the masque would fall under the heading of meals/ticket events or not.

Can you reveal a little more about what goes on at this masque? Dinner? Dancing? Revelling? What should we prepare for?