Writing Groups

Judging by the evaluation forms you filled out - and thank you thank you thank you for making the effort; we take them VERY seriously - lots of you loved the chance to meet like-minded colleagues at the conference. (We've heard a whole lot about table 7, for example; some fun was had there, for sure. And we know that wasn't the only place.)

We love that you find new writing buddies when you come to SiWC. But no need to wait until next year if you haven't found just the right group yet. Why not find one here in our comments? Looking for a local writing group to meet with in the flesh? Want an online buddy system to keep you motivated and share your work with? Hoping there's another memoir writer/poet/romance novelist/fantasy writer/whatever you may be out there looking for a critique partner? Post here in our comments. You're undoubtedly not the only one looking, and maybe you'll get lucky and your perfect group will be just a comment away.