Welcome to 2011!


Happy new year!

It's 2011, and the SiWC 2011 countdown is on! In nine and a half months, we'll be sharing our new baby, the 19th annual SiWC. In the next few months, we'll start posting information about this year's conference as we confirm the details. For those of you who are new to us, there are lots of ways to stay in the loop. We'll let you know about updates here in the blog, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter. You can follow us @siwctweets. Do you receive our e-newsletter? We don't send them out often, so we won't clutter your inbox, but it's a terrific way to stay up-to-date on the latest news. You can sign up under "news" on the left sidebar menu.

In the meantime, for many of you, it's resolution time. Have you made some new writing goals for this year? I read somewhere this week (apologies for not remembering where - please let me know if you're the person I'm loosely paraphrasing here) that we need to be sneaky with our resolutions, and not make ourselves feel either bossed around (yes, by ourselves... odd, isn't it?) or celebrated just for having the goal, because that can make us feel like we've already succeeded. Aren't human minds interesting? So, with those guidelines in mind, why not join our comment thread by finishing this sentence: In 2011, I hope to be able to.... Maybe you'll inspire someone to set similar goals.


I came across someone who had vowed to write 1000 words a day. I started late on this one, but so far I'm doing great. It's takes a little less than an hour and it goes along with the advice I read in bird by bird.

It's a little late in the year to start with resolutions, but here goes. I hope to come to the 2011 Surrey International Writers' Conference with a polished book and agent representation. The workshops are a great way to hone my craft and platform.

Congrats, Janet!

And JAW, never too late to make resolutions! Looking forward to seeing you in October. Kim, we'd love to see you, too.

Anon, 1000 words a day is a terrific goal. Hope it's working!

You should consider recruiting young adult readers to judge the 'Writing For Young Adults' contest... Just a thought.