Room Share 2011

It's time once again for our annual hotel room share blog.

The comments section of this post is the place for you to connect with potential roommates to share costs at our conference hotel, the Sheraton Guildford. (Hotel information under "attendee info" on our left sidebar menu.)

Please note that we provide this space as a courtesy, and are not involved at all in the process. We do not monitor the connections, and in most cases do not know the people who post, so posts and connections are at your own risk. Please be diligent and be safe!

That being said, lots of new friends have been made at SiWC through splitting hotel costs. Have a room you want to share or hoping to join someone who already has one? Post away.

We suggest posting the preferred gender and sleeping habits of preferred roomies in your comments. Please don't post your phone numbers or other personal information here except an email address for contact.

Good luck!


I'm looking for a female roommate to share a room that I already have booked (2 queen beds). I'm booked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

I tend to stay up late, but I also rise in time for the morning keynote. (No, I am not one to sleep much during these things). I don't usually snore.

*facepalm* I guess that's what happens when I don't specify a subject line ... sorry. :oops:

I have a double (2 queen bed) room and am willing to share with another woman (or f/f couple). I'm sociable, but want to sleep at night - no party central in my room. I may snore, but I'll also bring earplugs for you. And I wear earplugs, so you can snore too if you like. I sometimes get up in the middle of the night to use the loo. (Fair warning and all that.)

I'm pretty low-maintenance and fairly quick in the shower, too.

What else do we need to know about each other?

I live in Vancouver, but I don't have a car and the transit back to Vancouver at 11pm could take a few hours, so I'm hoping someone out there will shelter me at the hotel. I really hope to pay less than $40 per night. I'm a nice person and interesting too, and I don't snore.

Pick me! :)

Would anyone like to share a cab ride from the vancouver airport to the confrence on Friday morning? My flight arrives 8am.


Howdy. I am a volunteer. I already have my room for Friday and Saturday nights, but I'd like to find something for Thursday night. I don't smoke or snore and I'm happy to bring (*legal*!) contraband from Seattle if there's anything you want. Except maybe Space Needle pasta, because that's just silly (and I'm a completely different breed of silly).

~ Sandi

I have an extra queen bed and am booked Friday and Saturday. I don't drink anymore but am otherwise normal...for a writer.