Ride Share


As a follow-up to the September 12th post on sharing a room, here's a means for those of you who are looking for a ride to connect with each other. Have room to spare in your car? Need a lift to or from the conference?

Just leave a post in the comment section below with your email, and magic will happen...I guarantee it!

(As with almost all things SiWC, the honour system applies here. We are not vetting your choices, so yer hitchin' at yer own risk!)



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I am definitely interested in sharing a cab to the hotel. I arrive Thursday at 3:55pm.


I will be coming into the Vancouver airport  Thursday Oct. 23, I don't have a set flight time yet .  It would definatly save money if I could share a cab ride to the  hotel, the price just seems to get higher every year.


I arrive Thursday at 10:41 p.m., and would be willing to share a cab.

I am arriving on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m,, and would be willing to share a cab.

I'll be coming up from Seattle on Friday (24th) morning. I was planning to go greyhound, but I'll ride up with anyone from the area and help pay for gas.

I'm a first-time attendee to the conference and am looking to share a ride either from Chilliwack BC OR from the bus station to the Hotel/Conference Centre.

Either way, I will be arriving on Friday morning - and leaving Saturday evening.


I will be taking a cab from the vancouver airport at 7 am on Friday to the Sheriton hotel, I was originaly going to arrive thursday. Is anyone else going to be at the airport at that time and would like to share a cab ride in? Thanks :) Sandy

I arrive at the Vancouver airport Thursday at 2:30 p.m. (14:30) and would love to share a cab to Surry and the hotel. I'm thinking of making a big sign to hold up to see if any other SiWC people are in the airport at the same time.

I'm coming up to Surrey on Friday morning from Seattle - I'd love to share a ride with anyone from the area - I'll help pay for gas.

Patti, I'm also going but have a class on Thursday night. Anyone else going up at that time, or who needs a ride back, would be great to share. Thanks, Derek

My flight home from Surrey is late Sunday night, October 26, and I'd love to share a ride from the Sheraton to the airport anytime Sunday evening.

I get to Vancouver airport 8:23 am. In the parking post comments, someone else is arriving around 9:30. I'd be willing to share, and wait an hour if necessary to do so. I like Juanita's idea -- maybe I'll make a sign saying SiWC, too... BTW, Donna, I leave Surrey Sunday afternoon -- my flight's at 6:15 pm. If you're willing to leave around 3:30, I would definitely be willing to share a ride. If the taxi fares haven't gone up, it costs $60/$70 (Canadian) to get to the Guildford Sheraton from the Vancouver airport.

Hi All,

I can't pick anyone up on Friday, but I'd be happy to bring up to 3 people back to the Airport on Sunday as I'll be driving by to catch the Vancouver Island ferry. I'm not sure exactly what time I'll be leaving and can accommodate other schedules, although I want to be on the 5:45 ferry at the latest.

If you'd like a ride on Sunday afternoon, send me an email and we'll make plans. Note - I drive a Civic Hybrid, which means a small trunk, so if we've got a full car we may have a few bags on laps.


Hi Gwen,

I'd be interested in a ride to the airport on Sunday if you have room. Just one carry-on bag for me.

Jill (jwebb101 at att dot net)

I've got a shuttle bus meeting me at 11:00am Thursday at Bay 1 outside the baggage claim at the airport if anyone else wants to ride it. It's $48 Cdn or $38 US (no discounts for multiple riders, darn it).

I can provide some extra seats for getting back to the airport as well. I live fairly close to the airport and will be driving to and from each day. If anyone wants to carpool, or would just like a ride back to the airport on Sunday let me know. registrar(at)childbearing(dot)org

I have a cab booked to leave at 12 noon on Sunday from the hotel, to arrive at the airport by 1 p.m. The flat rate is $55 for the cab and there's room for up to 4 people (depends on luggage). If this time suits you, let the front desk staff of the hotel know and they will add you to the same cab ride.

I will be taking a cab from the vancouver airport at 7 am on Friday to the Sheriton hotel, I was originaly going to arrive thursday. Is anyone else going to be at the airport at that time and would like to share a cab ride in?

I'm heading over on Thursday and returning Sunday by bus - but would far prefer to share a ride and help you pay for ferry costs. Going my way? :-) Jes