SiWC writing contest deadline day!

This is IT! Today is the last day to get your entries in for the SiWC Writing Contest.

Four categories, $4500+ in prizes.

Entries must be postmarked or received in email by midnight tonight, Friday, September 9.

All the details are on our site here:

Don't procrastinate and miss out. Get your short stories, non-fiction, poetry, or writing for kids in TODAY!

Good luck!


I tried, Kathy -- really I did -- but it didn't happen. I fear 4 p.m. has come and gone and my contest entry still sits here. I think the fact that I'm not able to get to the conference this year dampened my enthusiasm. I hope you had tons of other entries. :)

But we're just going out for dinner and I'll have to stop and mail the cheque at the 7/11 postal outlet on the way. I'm whining, aren't I? Mmm... okay. I guess I can do that.