Theme Contest - WINNER!! Theme Revealed!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Congratulations to CHERYL ANGST!

Your book prize will be waiting for you at the registration desk at SiWC next month.

Thank you to all who submitted guesses. You certainly added lots of entertainment to my inbox the last few days.

In the end, only one person came close to the right answer, and she got it right on the nose.

And so, without further ado, I can reveal that our theme for Saturday night this year is

Fantasy: World of Imagination

The whole world of fantasy is yours for the taking when it comes to costumes for Saturday night. Get out your hobbit feet, your elf ears, or your fairy wings, or use that imagination of yours and come up with something altogether different from the world of fantasy. Don't have a costume? No problem. We'll have a few bits and pieces for sale at the conference if you want to participate in the costume component of the night.



Congrats on your perserverence, Cheryl! When the first few letters came up "Aoli" I was hoping for a garlicky French cuisine theme, then "Aolian" made me wonder if harps were involved. When F and n were next and I realized unscrambling was involved and abandonned the effort. (For shame!)

Congratulations to Cheryl. I have to admit I didn't even try to unscramble the clues. I'm not very good at puzzles. ;)

Looking forward to the soiree. Does Urban Fantasy count? Congrats Cheryl!

Terrific name! Can you imagine...a writer with a last name of ANGST! Though I'm impressed by her sleuthing abilities, Cheryl's last name is just SO appropriate for someone who puts pen to paper (umm...fingers to keyboard...well, you know what I mean!).