Early Bird Prices End Thursday

Have you been meaning to register for SiWC this year, but haven't done it yet? Get on it this week and save a few dollars.

Early bird prices expire at the end of the day (that's 11:59:59pm Pacific) on September 15. That's THIS Thursday. (I _know_! How can it be the middle of September already?!)

In honour of the deadline, I'll do a book draw on Friday for everyone who registers by the end of early bird. Yes, that counts all you super early birds, too. Hear that, BJ? :)


Can't believe I missed this message!

I also can't believe it's the middle of September. So looking forward to the conference!

My trusty random number generator came up with a winner in this one ages ago, but I forgot to tell you about her!

This book draw win goes to Katherine Wagner! Congratulations! Your book prize will be waiting for you at the registration desk.

(Sorry, BJ. At least one more before the conference...)