The Annual Ride Share Blog


 Just a little more than a week until SiWC kicks off. Hard to believe it's nearly here already!

Some of you have already made good use of our room share blog. Still looking for a roommate to share hotel costs? Add to the comment trail here.

Looking for a carpool buddy to share a cab from the airport or the cost of bringing your car over on the ferry or to share your daily commute to the conference from somewhere in the Lower Mainland? The comments thread on this post is the place to look.

As with the room share blog, we offer this space as a courtesy and are not involved in the process or responsible for who posts, so please use your common sense and be careful when you make connections.

We suggest posting the particulars of your ride needs, whether you're a driver or looking for a ride, where you're driving from, and when.

Save money, make friends, and reduce your carbon footprint. Sounds like a good deal to us! Good luck.


I'm coming from Mission. Is this of interest to anyone or does the cheese stand alone?

I'll be driving from Richmond (fairly near the airport) to Surrey and back again on Friday, Saturday & Sunday if anyone needs a lift.

I am picking up one person at the airport and have room for one more with regular luggage or two more with LIGHT! Read one small suitcase. Will be leaving the airport around 8pm (wensday) if you need a lift email me directly at first ones in the inbox will be responded to, first come first transported. I should respond within 24 hours, if you don't get response you missed the cut. To find me at the airport look in the international arrivals area I will be holding an SIWC sign and you can google me under images Scott D Covey I am the one in the black jacket holding a cigar!

Is anyone driving to or through the Cowichan Valley on Sunday? I'd be happy to share expenses and could get picked up from where ever you are going.
Judy Hudson

I would like to find someone to share a cab to the airport on Sunday. I will be leaving at approximately 12:30 to 1:00 PM for a 3 PM flight. Please save me from another lengthy ride on the Skytrain!!