Autographing Walls

This blog post involves a book, a search, two strangers with the same goal, and a dash of serendipity. And the police. But it's not what you think!

The Red Wall Book CoverSo what does one get the first woman Commissioner of the RCMP, Beverly Bussom, for her retirement? Her neighbor and friend Verna Brown thought The Red Wall by Jane Hall (one of the first female members of the RCMP) might be appropriate. She'd spotted Jane and her book at a book promotion, but didn't make the buy thinking surely her friend owned a copy. To her surprise she was wrong.

If a book is good, an autographed copy is even better! But could she contact Jane Hall in time for a signature before the retirement party?

Unbeknownst to Verna, Jane Hall was also a friend of Bev Bussom. Bev had even offered to write a forward to Jane's book (Jane declined, her book contains the bad as well the good and she feared Bev might catch some political fallout for visibly supporting her). Like Verna, Jane wanted to give Bev a copy of The Red Wall, but she'd lost track of Bev's address.

Verna began looking for Jane using the Internet and among the search results was Jane's SiWC trade show information. She said, "your website was the one that I choose because I knew that the surrey writers group was a friendly and personable group from previous searches to your site. (by the way....thank you so much for bringing Dianna Gabaldon to BC!!!!)"

A couple of emails later and we had Verna in touch with Jane. They not only had the pleasure of gifting Beverly Bussom with an autographed copy of "The Red Wall", they had the pleasure of exchanging stories about their friend, each from their own very different perspective.

If Jane hadn't been at the SiWC we're sure Verna would have located her through other means. That didn't diminish our pleasure from getting them connected!

And Verna, regarding Diana Gabaldon: You're welcome! We love it when she accepts our invitation, too.