This Day We Write


For those of you who are new to SiWC, the amazing and generous Robert Dugoni coined what has become our conference motto: this day we write. We try to live by it and to support you in making it your own motto, too.

We've been hearing from a lot of you about your writing goals, and it seems like May is the best thing since Nanowrimo for many of you. Whether it's the energy that comes from spring springing all around you or the panicked realization that the year is flying by, we're all for the motivation we're seeing.

We figure putting your goals in writing, especially for other people, and checking in with progress reports is a great way to help stay on track.

Why not share your May goals here in the comments? And if you're on Twitter, use #thisdaywewrite to share.

Looking for motivation? Why not jump on one of these bandwagons?

Board member and presenter kc dyer is making May her personal "kcnowrimo", attempting to get through a very long list of goals by the end of the month. You'll find her talking about it on Twitter @kcdyer.

Conference coordinator Kathy (that's me! - weird to talk about myself in the third person) is trying to write at least a little something every day in May, reporting in using #thisdaywewrite and #thisMaywewrite

SiWC 2012 presenter Jane Espenson regularly kicks off hour-long writing sprints on Twitter, inviting followers to join her. You can find her @JaneEspenson

SiWC is a little less than six months away. If you averaged 500 words a day between now and then, you'd have over 75000 words by then that you don't have now. That's a book. Or a collection of short stories or poems or dozens of articles or blog entries or whatever it is you're working on. You can do it! 

You'll find us on Twitter @siwctweets


I'm trying some of Story-a-Day -- here:

Not sure I'll get a story every day, but maybe every second day? I mean, it's already the 3rd, and so far I've got a short poem... but they do say the story can be any length and you can make the timing work for you...

Anyway, it's a good place to go for some inspiration, especially if you're looking at writing short stories.


Looks like a great way to keep you writing, BJ. Good luck with it!

I tweeted my May goals. (If I tweet them, I'm committed, right? No backing out now, lol.) My goals are about discipline: morning pages + daily exercise. And this month, I'm working on something just for fun, just for myself -- no pressure, no rules, no expectations. Keeps the joy in it, y'know? Happy writing, everyone!

I have taken the challenge. Not sure I'll get 50k words, but I know I'll get alot of work done on all my wips. Thanks for the inspiration.

Love seeing people commit to their goals. Hope the month is going well so far for all of you. Don't despair if there's a hiccup. Every day is a fresh chance to get back on track.