Saturday Six

So, when I completely forget to post your Five for Friday, the best thing I can think of to do to make up for it is to give you Six on Saturday. Sound good?

I'm sitting outside in a shady spot on the patio here at the SiWC Home Office, so with luck I'll get through six without a breeze coming along to blow away the slips of paper from the hat...


First up today is agent April Eberhardt:

April Eberhardt Literary specializes in high-quality women's fiction: thoughtful, carefully crafted narratives by, for and about women, the kind of books that generate interest and insights among women's book club members. The agency also represents selected Young Adult works, particularly those aimed at prompting meaningful discussion between mothers and daughters about relationships, values and decision-making.

As readers and publishers choose among the many ways literature is being delivered in the new millennium, authors need a literary agent who understands both the traditional and electronic marketplaces, along with the evolving role of self-publishing, done right. April founded her own agency in order to assist and advise authors as they navigate the increasingly complex world of publishing.

Welcome, April!


Author Sheila Roberts joins us for the first time this year:

Best-selling author Sheila Roberts has enjoyed seeing thirty books in print, both fiction and nonfiction, under different names, and has been published in several different languages. Her books have been top sellers and have been featured by magazine book clubs and included in Reader’s Digest Condensed books. Her novel “On Strike for Christmas” was made into a movie which aired on the Lifetime Movie Network.

Welcome, Sheila!



Also new to SiWC is agent Michael Carr:

Michael Carr is a literary agent with a background in editing and writing. His work has appeared in markets such as The Atlantic, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Military History Magazine. He works carefully with writers to produce the cleanest, most professional manuscripts. Michael speaks Spanish and conversational French and before joining Veritas had professions as diverse as programming simulators for nuclear submarines and owning an inn in Vermont. He represents a variety of work, including historical fiction, sf/f, YA, middle grade, and all types of non-fiction.

Welcome, Michael!


Returning to SiWC this year is social media guru Sean Cranbury:

Sean Cranbury is the writer/curator of Books on the Radio, an online source for new voices and ideas in book publishing. He is an expert in social media and community building and has been involved in the book industry as independent bookseller and publisher for 20 years. During his time as managing editor at House of Parlance Media he was an early advocate for free dissemination of digital content online via Youtube and various file sharing platforms. Sean has spoken on Digital Rights Management and the Inevitability of Free Content at BookCamp Toronto 2009 and Simon Fraser University's Digital Publishing Workshop. He is an organizer of BookCamp Vancouver 2009 Unconference. Sean lives in Vancouver where he is a freelance writer, blogger and Director of Creative Awareness | Social Media Strategist for the Vancouver Biennale 2009 - 2011.

Welcome back, Sean!


Long-time SiWC supporter kc dyer will be on hand this year, of course:

kc dyer is a professional liar, a prevaricator and a provacateur. She also specializes in being unrealistic, delusional and is comfortably conversational with inanimate objects. As a result, she has successfully embraced the only occupation open to her -- fiction writer. She is the author of slightly more than a handful of published novels, and when not tilting at windmills she can be found happily immersed in the surrealistic but somehow comforting world of writers and reading.

I'd say welcome back, kc, but really, she's always around helping get this conference organized every year. :)


And last, but definitely not least, for today is one of the tiny group who first decided Surrey really needed a writing conference and who put the work in to make it a reality. He's one of our founders, and we're so glad he can be a part of our 20th. Meet writer and teacher Ed Griffin:

Ed Griffin teaches creative writing in Surrey and at Matsqui Penitentiary. He believes, with Aristotle, that Art releases unconscious tensions and purges the soul. Ed has published three novels through Print-0n-Demand and one nonfiction book, Dystopia, written with former inmate Mike Oulton. Ed was the founder and first director of the Surrey International Writers Conference.

Welcome back, Ed!



More soon...